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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : september 2016

The change of seasons makes me so happy! I’ve only ever lived in places with seasons, & can’t imagine not having perfect fall weather. Even on those 20 degree winter days, my belief is that if you’re dressed right it can still be nice weather. Join me in the celebration of nature’s harmony, layering up & enjoying warm food & drinks, hopefully near a fireplace.

Celebrating so much love this season.. my birthday, my man’s birthday, our anniversary, & getting ready to launch the new collection.. which I’m so in love with. It’s all wrapped in love.
Saying love this many times reminds me of the Rent quote, measure your life in love. What a great reminder that when we don’t choose love, we can always choose again & bring the love. It’s a constant practice & reminder – none of us are perfect & we’re here to lift each other up when we fall down.

Excited that one of my go-to’s came out with a book dedicated to natural beauty practices. I’ve been following her blog, books & podcasts for years, and visit her juice shop every time I’m in LA. Looking forward to getting into this new edition. Thanks, Kimberly!

Announcement : I’m pregnant! It’s such a time of changes & growth happening, including maternity bralettes tested on.. yours truly! (Out of necessity too, as I’m busting out of my usual bralettes). Also, preg brain is in full effect (email me again if I forget to write back!), I’ve been craving lots of natural ginger ale & lemonade (along with sweets!), & trying to listen to my body (take it easy when needed!) during this magical time. Baby is due in March 2017 ♡

x Monica

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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : august 2016


daily journaling + reading a page from Miracles Now

collaborations with badass women
(see: flower mandala above from the synchroniCITY event)

Less makeup & a dewy summer glow. Faves include Josie Maran P&P / gold highlight

Year of Yes – this book by Shonda Rhimes is inspiring & funny. One result of reading it I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy (I had never seen an episode! hello McDreamy..)
If you check out this book, I recommend listening to Shonda read it on Audible.

X Monica

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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : june / july 2016

harmony: Summer harmony = work, travel, taking it easy & taking care of myself, catching up on TV in air conditioning, & planning for the future.

love: One thing I love making to stay hydrated when it’s hot out is watermelon in the blender (so easy! mint is a good addition). Another drink I discovered in Colombia is limonada di coco – aka coconut lemonade! Basically it’s coconut milk & lemon juice blended together (& ice if you want, sweetener if needed), for a creamy & refreshing summer drink. Let me know if you try it :)

beauty: I’ve been lucky to travel & revel in nature over the last month… the countryside of Colombia, Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, & a couple beach weekends in the Hamptons. This time of year it’s so green, pretty & energizing to be outside. What are your favorite summer getaways or nature spots?

truth: I’ve been listening to a lot of Ram Dass lectures on the Be Here Now podcast. A couple of my favorite topics are: the yoga (union) of relationships, and his talks on suffering. From my notes:

Allow yourself to be a human being.
Accept your own truth.
Being human is the curriculum on earth.

Love doesn’t know boundaries.
The mind creates boundaries.

Love is a doorway to the universe and unity,
Being together in the space of love.

Open the heart and feel out from the heart.
When you have love / are in love, everything else looks more beautiful.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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X Monica

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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : may 2016

I can’t believe it’s the end of May already! These mantra posts feel like monthly journal posts that connect with the values of the brand & how they integrate into life each month.
I recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam (beautiful city!) & Iceland.
This month’s mantra is based on my inspiration from the trip & how I’m bringing it into everyday life.

harmony: Relaxing in hot water! From the Blue Lagoon to the ‘secret lagoon’ we visited, it was so special & calming to relax in natural hot springs made by nature. I’m inspired to take more baths at home, & love to use epsom salts & candles.

love: As much as I love to travel & see new things, I’m looking at how I can cultivate that feeling of inspiration & exploration in the moment. Loving what is, right NOW, with appreciation for the present moment no matter where it happens.

beauty: Connecting with nature to get grounded. The natural beauty of Iceland was overwhelming & awe-inspiring. From waterfalls to geysers, mountains, glaciers, lava rocks & jagged cliffs – all exist together in the expansive landscape.
Since returning I’ve brought more plants into my space…& a few more crystals as well!
And, hair masking for beauty! The Blue Lagoon dried out my locks a bit. The best thing I’ve used is coconut oil applied on dry hair, then wash it out a couple hours later. Also enjoyed some avocado on my face to rehydrate after flying.
Nature-based & simple, it doesn’t get better than that.

truth: Appreciating the simplicity of living with only what’s necessary when traveling, I’m inspired to simplify my belongings at home. Living in clutter-free spaces for 9 days was a powerful lesson that the less that’s there = the less that’s there.
Kicking into high vibe space-clearing mode going into this new season.

xx Monica

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