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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : April 2016

Harmony — crystal prism vibes to bring harmony into your life : Faceted crystal balls held up to light creates a multitude of tiny “rainbows”. Each little rainbow contains all the colors of the visible spectrum, bringing vitality & balance. This ability to split a beam of light & send it radiating in many directions makes faceted crystal balls an ideal protection against “secret arrows” of sha (negative) chi.
This feng shui practice also radiates blessings wherever it is placed, & is a powerful magnifier of your intention.

Love — Turmeric lattes. Heard of it? Try one! This anti-aging & inflammatory spice is my favorite spice of the year so far. I’ve been making this latte recipe, substituting with powdered turmeric & vanilla extract. ..Maybe even a few drops of rosewater added in the mug… just sayin 😉

Beauty — Obsessed eco-lace that I can’t wait to show you! It’s made in Italy, with beautiful design & quality. The best part is, it’s made from recycled polyester! It will debut on some pieces this summer, & will be full force for the Fall collection. Excited yet? #ecolace #beauty

Truth — During this past month I’ve been working overtime on a project. Chronic lower back pain has reminded me to take breaks & take care of myself! Working at home means it’s easy to blur the lines, & I often work late into the night, on weekends..& in this case early mornings too! This was a huge sign from my body to take time for myself. Time to release + up-level!
It’s felt really good to put taking care of myself as the first priority – I’ve had a juicy week of massage, meditation, kundalini, sound baths, bathtub baths, deep breathing … & still got work done.

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Let me know if you try anything mentioned here or already love it!

X Monica

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holiday spirit, good karma + gratitude.
20% off your order w/code: goodkarma
Fri – Monday (Nov 27-30)
10% of total net profit from this sale will be donated to Women For Women International.

harMonica is proud to be a part of the Good Karma sale, a new kind of sale that gives back.


Made with love, wear with love.
☽ ☆ ♡ ☆ ☾

xx Monica

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harMonica Fall 2015 : Fierce Femme

The Fall collection is here!

‘Fierce Femme’ is badass & ready to be layered.
Metallic mesh & lurex get an edge paired with black lace & black textures.

Each piece has soft bamboo jersey lining,
& comes with an intention to set; a daily mantra to wear.

Bralettes are sized A-DD cup.

From yoga to brunch to rock concerts, these visible intimates add feminine sexy to any outfit.

Lookbook quotes are based on the harMonica mantra & illustrated by Melissa / design equals love.

Made in NYC.
Wear often & with love.

What’s your favorite color / quote / piece?

xxo Monica

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harMonica origins / part 6 : racer bralette

Racer backs have always been sexy to me. The way it shows off the curves of a woman’s shoulders, upper body & strong back.
Mixing a sporty racer back with a feminine silhouette or lace trim is so beautiful to me. Put it under a dress or sexy top, and let the racerback give an unexpected detail to your outfit.

Racerback doesn’t have to mean sports bra.

This bralette takes athleisure to a new feminine level.

Sizing is S-M-L for A-C & also in D/DD cup sizes for women with a larger chest size but ‘S-M-L’ rib size.
Aka – fitting the boobs AND the band.

These bralettes are your outfit soulmate for showing off under open dresses or tops, even worn as a crop top with a high waisted skirt or shorts. It takes you from yoga to brunch, dressed up or down as you wish.

However you wear the racer bralette, I hope you feel beautiful in your body & in your bra.

xxo Monica

Share with me in the comments – Do you love racers? What’s your favorite kind of bralette to show off?

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harMonica origins / part 5 : bralette

To create a bralette that goes with the panties I’ve been making for years, I wanted it to have the same aesthetic – intimates that look great & feel comfortable at the same time.
This bralette is a pretty version of a classic bralette style, with an unexpected peek of contrast fabric at the back, resulting in a lace trimmed bralette that’s made to be shown.
I love the look of open garments – low draped front, open back, low armholes at the sides. But I don’t want to feel like I’m showing my ‘underwear’ when I wear them – hooks and wires bared for all to see.
This is a bralette that can be shown on purpose.

When I was developing the pattern, I realized it wouldn’t fit my own DD bra size, so I created bralettes for A-C & for D/DD cup size. The D/DD bralettes are cut to fit a larger chest size without getting looser at the ribs.
(This model is not wearing a DD bralette, but they do exist!)
Aka – fitting the boobs and the band. & voila! Bralette born.
#visibleintimates #spiritedlingerie

xxo Monica

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harMonica origins / part 3 : cheeky panty

Started for the Valentine’s Day capsule this year,
the cheeky panty came about as an evolution of the hipster panty.
A little lower in the front, narrower at the sides, more cheek showing at the back.

This foxy number is the perfect reminder of femininity beneath your outfit.
These are meant to show off your assets (pun intended) without riding up.
Forget what you know or have experienced in terms of ‘cheeky’ panties –
these offer a new way to be cheeky without sacrificing comfort.

Try a pair & see for yourself!

xxo Monica

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Need a gift for the Bride?

It’s not just summer – It’s wedding season!

Aside from getting fancy & partying with friends & family, weddings involve bridal shower gifts, bachelorette parties/gifts, & wedding gifts.

Now, you may have guessed where this is going..
Lingerie makes a great gift!
Some ideas:

Gifts for the Bride: bridal shower, bachelorette party, & wedding
Gifts for the Bridesmaids: thank your beautiful maidens with something they will wear again!
Honeymoon lingerie: important detail!

harMonica lingerie comes in a beautiful sheer organza drawcord pouch – perfect for gifting.
(Don’t forget, you can also gift them to yourself!)

What occasions do you gift lingerie for? Tell me below >>

Happy wedding season!

xxo Monica

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harMonica origins / part 2 : thong

Truth be told, I rarely wore thongs for a long time, until I came up with this little number. I found that so many are too low, too tight, have too much fabric, or just aren’t comfortable. It can lead to awkwardness all day long if the base of your outfit is creeping all day!
I wanted to create a thong that both looks & feels sexy.

harMonica’s comfortable & flattering thong epitomizes minimal coverage. With a narrow crotch & skinny back piece, it’s barely there & has nothing to bunch or ride up. The back piecing wraps around the sides to show at the front.

Finally, a thong that I love to wear & I hope you do too.
xxo Monica

I want to hear from you! Do you wear thongs? What do you love/hate about the ones you have?
Let me know in the comments below.

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