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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : august 2016


daily journaling + reading a page from Miracles Now

collaborations with badass women
(see: flower mandala above from the synchroniCITY event)

Less makeup & a dewy summer glow. Faves include Josie Maran P&P / gold highlight

Year of Yes – this book by Shonda Rhimes is inspiring & funny. One result of reading it I’ve started watching Grey’s Anatomy (I had never seen an episode! hello McDreamy..)
If you check out this book, I recommend listening to Shonda read it on Audible.

X Monica

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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : june / july 2016

harmony: Summer harmony = work, travel, taking it easy & taking care of myself, catching up on TV in air conditioning, & planning for the future.

love: One thing I love making to stay hydrated when it’s hot out is watermelon in the blender (so easy! mint is a good addition). Another drink I discovered in Colombia is limonada di coco – aka coconut lemonade! Basically it’s coconut milk & lemon juice blended together (& ice if you want, sweetener if needed), for a creamy & refreshing summer drink. Let me know if you try it :)

beauty: I’ve been lucky to travel & revel in nature over the last month… the countryside of Colombia, Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire, & a couple beach weekends in the Hamptons. This time of year it’s so green, pretty & energizing to be outside. What are your favorite summer getaways or nature spots?

truth: I’ve been listening to a lot of Ram Dass lectures on the Be Here Now podcast. A couple of my favorite topics are: the yoga (union) of relationships, and his talks on suffering. From my notes:

Allow yourself to be a human being.
Accept your own truth.
Being human is the curriculum on earth.

Love doesn’t know boundaries.
The mind creates boundaries.

Love is a doorway to the universe and unity,
Being together in the space of love.

Open the heart and feel out from the heart.
When you have love / are in love, everything else looks more beautiful.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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X Monica

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m o n t h l y m a n t r a : may 2016

I can’t believe it’s the end of May already! These mantra posts feel like monthly journal posts that connect with the values of the brand & how they integrate into life each month.
I recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam (beautiful city!) & Iceland.
This month’s mantra is based on my inspiration from the trip & how I’m bringing it into everyday life.

harmony: Relaxing in hot water! From the Blue Lagoon to the ‘secret lagoon’ we visited, it was so special & calming to relax in natural hot springs made by nature. I’m inspired to take more baths at home, & love to use epsom salts & candles.

love: As much as I love to travel & see new things, I’m looking at how I can cultivate that feeling of inspiration & exploration in the moment. Loving what is, right NOW, with appreciation for the present moment no matter where it happens.

beauty: Connecting with nature to get grounded. The natural beauty of Iceland was overwhelming & awe-inspiring. From waterfalls to geysers, mountains, glaciers, lava rocks & jagged cliffs – all exist together in the expansive landscape.
Since returning I’ve brought more plants into my space…& a few more crystals as well!
And, hair masking for beauty! The Blue Lagoon dried out my locks a bit. The best thing I’ve used is coconut oil applied on dry hair, then wash it out a couple hours later. Also enjoyed some avocado on my face to rehydrate after flying.
Nature-based & simple, it doesn’t get better than that.

truth: Appreciating the simplicity of living with only what’s necessary when traveling, I’m inspired to simplify my belongings at home. Living in clutter-free spaces for 9 days was a powerful lesson that the less that’s there = the less that’s there.
Kicking into high vibe space-clearing mode going into this new season.

xx Monica

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