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Posted on October 03 2019

This week I've been so emotional, crying & with an endless sinus headache. Paralyzed by indecision & feeling like a failure at everything. I was able to do some exercise yesterday, & felt better when I connected with my body and breath. During pigeon pose I was bawling - the hips hold a lot of emotion. (Thankful for being able to work out at home! I was able to let the emotions out much stronger than I would have in a class.)

Why am I sharing this? Because, today... I woke up feeling a little better. (Emotionally, not sinus-wise). Although it feels crappy to have a worse-feeling day, or 2, to just own it and let the tears out, or the body rest, whatever's needed... it passes. 

It might not feel like it at the time, but there's strength in the vulnerability of being able to say, 'Today I don't feel my best. I'm going to do what I can, not try and force myself to do everything I'd usually do, or had planned.' Being real, embracing whats true in the moment & going from there. 

It's ok to feel emotions.

It's ok to not be productive all the time.  

It can be hard to love myself anyway, to accept the roller coaster of emotions. 

Being present with what is, is a daily practice. 

It's how I'm learning to find my own 'flow'.

With work, with life, with myself. 


Today is a better day. Rainy and all. 

How do you ride your emotions? What do you do to take care of yourself when you're in waves of emotion? The more we share, the more we can see we're all in this together.


cover image by @bradrkunkle, cloud by @daughterofthewolf 

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