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2 easy shifts for more confidence

Posted on August 06 2018

Here are 2 principles I live by, to feel & look my best.

The best part is that you can start doing these things right away, without changing anything about yourself!  

1. Don't tell people your flaws! If you keep pointing out how imperfect something is, you're only drawing other people's attention to it & planting subconscious messages in their mind about the things you don't like. Do you always complain about a certain body part or something you wish you could change? Try this out & maybe you'll even start to ease up on your negative self-talk once you stop verbally reinforcing what you don't want to others. Confidence comes from within, so you can optimize it by shifting your perception of yourself.

Bonus : Focus on what you love about yourself instead! 

2. Wear what looks good on YOU. Do you have some curvy bits, lots of cleavage, or little lumps? Figure out what silhouettes look good on you & stick to variations on that. For example, a fuller bust might be exaggerated in a high-neck top, but a v-neck will show off your curves and enhance what you've got going on with flattering lines. Or, with a little 'more to love' at the waistline, you might get cut off by low-rise pants that won't stay up, where a high-rise style could smooth you out. Knowing what works on you creates a strong foundation for building your individual style. Rock what you've got! 

Bonus : Clean out your wardrobe so you only have 'feel good' options! Donate the old pieces or share the love & clothing swap with friends.

Let me know if you try these & notice a difference. xM

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