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by, for & supporting women

Posted on February 13 2019

So, what does 'by, for & supporting women' mean?

The literal . . 

harMonica is handmade in small batches, by me (Monica) & sometimes other women in NY. 

For the women who wear it.

Supporting, through starting to share information & conversations to empower women of all ages. Giving back to & volunteering with organizations that benefit women. And, because I love puns, supporting *ahem* what your bralette holds ;)


The back story . . 

Since launching harMonica in 2014, there's been big shifts in our culture - especially for women. . & on a personal level, I've also experienced the transformation of becoming a mother. 

It's taken some time to integrate & braid my ideas together to create an upgraded harMonica with a renewed purpose, updated packaging, & an expanded size range, as well as giving back in a way that benefits & educates women.

My mission has evolved beyond designs that fulfill a desire to feel comfortable in my own body & empower other women to do the same - but also to educate women, especially teens and girls, about reproductive health & fertility awareness. I'm passionate about this subject, something that I didn't really learn about until I was considering getting pregnant. This information isn't taught in schools and is often glossed over by well-meaning parents who maybe haven't even learned this themselves. I for one wish I had learned this 20 years ago! Things like knowing when your ovulation is & how to track it, what pms really means, & the length of a female hormone cycle compared to a male's. Connecting with our bodies on a deeper level & being provided with knowledge of what's going on inside, gives women the power to make informed choices.

Sharing stories about our experiences, cycles, & insecurities, as well as what we learn is the key to elevating not just the women of the world, but all humans.

After considering this for a while & often getting overwhelmed by how much information there is and where to start, I've decided to share as I'm also learning, letting this aspect of harMonica unfold one step at a time & seeing where it goes. I'll be sharing more about my own journey, as well as other women's stories, & starting conversations to bring this topic into the light. I hope we can learn & grow together, and have fun along the way.

Are you as excited to get into it as I am? Here we go . . 

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x Monica

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