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monthly mantra : april 2016

Posted on April 27 2016

harmony: crystal prism vibes to bring harmony into your life : Faceted crystal balls held up to light creates a multitude of tiny “rainbows”. Each little rainbow contains all the colors of the visible spectrum, bringing vitality & balance. This ability to split a beam of light & send it radiating in many directions makes faceted crystal balls an ideal protection against “secret arrows” of sha (negative) chi.

This feng shui practice also radiates blessings wherever it is placed, & is a powerful magnifier of your intention.

love: Turmeric lattes. Heard of it? Try one! This anti-aging & inflammatory spice is my favorite spice of the year so far. I’ve been making this latte recipe, substituting with powdered turmeric & vanilla extract. ..Maybe even a few drops of rosewater added in the mug… just sayin ;)

beauty: obsessed eco-lace that I can’t wait to show you! It’s made in Italy, with beautiful design & quality. The best part is, it’s made from recycled polyester! It will debut on some pieces this summer, & will be full force for the Fall collection. Excited yet? #ecolace #beauty

truth: during this past month I’ve been working overtime on a project. Chronic lower back pain has reminded me to take breaks & take care of myself! Working at home means it’s easy to blur the lines, & I often work late into the night, on weekends..& in this case early mornings too! This was a huge sign from my body to take time for myself. Time to release + up-level!
It’s felt really good to put taking care of myself as the first priority – I’ve had a juicy week of massage, meditation, kundalini, sound baths, bathtub baths, deep breathing … & still got work done.

What are your favorite ways to take care of yourself? Let me know if you try anything mentioned here or already love it!

X Monica

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