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monthly mantra : march 2016

Posted on March 17 2016

With the new moon, eclipse & change of season this month – newness, transformation & transcendence are everywhere. Holding onto old patterns becomes uncomfortable. As things rise to the surface, take a closer look & consider if it’s worth holding on or better to let go to move into new territory. Things may get uncomfortable for a while but change is necessary for growth.



 harmony : working out for mental balance – soulcycle & kundalini are my latest movement picks. The mind-body-soul connection keeps me in the moment & makes the time fly by.
What’s your favorite way to move this month?

 love : my new deck of Starchild akashic tarot cards. s w o o n !
Gorgeous, magical & comes with a thoughtfully written booklet to interpret the cards.

 beauty : Flossgloss pastel & metallic 5-free nail polish (at least it can be spring on my nails already!)
I keep re-painting my nails because there’s so many colors & combos..♡

 truth : I step into the unknown & have faith that the path will appear as I create it.

Some questions to consider this month:
What have you been spending time on that’s not taking you where you want to go?
How can you shift your actions to be in line with your priorities?
In what ways have you been holding on to the past (physically, mentally, emotionally) & what are you ready to let go of?
Set an intention for what you want to bring into your life, in place of what you’re releasing.

x Monica



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