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monthly mantra : september 2017

Posted on September 23 2017

harmony: This month I've been listening to lots of Abraham-Hicks, journaling, & walking to keep my energy flowing, & letting go of some structure to let my creativity flow. 
Love: We are so lucky in NY to have gorgeous weather in September. My birthday, my husband's birthday, & our anniversary are this month, & it just makes me so happy to have the most gorgeous weather during this time of year.
Beauty: Overjoyed doesn't even begin to cover my appreciation of the space that harMonica is in in NYC right now. Doing/Living is in a gorgeous historic space with lots of light, gilded ceilings & a cushion den to stop-drop-&-meditate whenever you please. So grateful to be a part of this collective, shop harMonica in person at Doing/Living thru 10/10/17.
Truth:It feels good to feel inspired & excited. Although there's always a long 'to do' list, I'm really trying to practice following my inspiration and letting things flow in the order that feels good, rather than efforting through things in a certain order or timing. What about you, are you feeling this too? xM
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