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monthly mantra : october 2017

Posted on October 10 2017

harmony : Ah, traveling. Something I haven't done much of (on a plane) in almost a year. It was fun to get back to it with a trip to LA - baby girl's first plane trip! I loved taking her to the gorgeous & peaceful Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine. We also visited the Grove, hung out in Hollywood, & had fun in Venice Beach, sitting on the sand between grafitti-ed palm trees, skateboarders & bikers. 

love : Fred Segal on Sunset. It was right next to our hotel (the Jeremy- also love), & had just softly, freshly opened. A refreshing, airy new flagship with lots of gorgeous things & inspiration.
Other things I'm loving, being back in NY with the perfect fall weather, making new designs, & collaborating with like-minded women.

beauty : Staying hydrated for beauty from within, switching up the flavor with drinks like the colorful Vogue lemonades from Pressed Juicery.

truth : I'm learning over & over that my to do list will always be there. To just be ok with always having a long list that will be there, seemingly neverending. When you think about it, life would be pretty meaningless if there was nothing 'to do', right!? So I'm working on being real with how much I can actually get done with in a day, week, month. It's easy to be ambitious when writing it all down, & then feel let down when I didn't finish the 20 things on my list (for 1 day!). One thing I've used in the past is having a 'Done' list where I can see everything I've gotten done, in addition to everything I want to do.
Being sick at the beginning of this month has been a reminder that it's important to take care of myself as well as my to do list. 
Cheers to feeling good & living it up this fall. What are you excited for? x Monica
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